Affinity Publisher Feature Review

Taimoor Sattar
Serif Affinity Publisher, beta released in 2018, is out for those seeking an Adobe InDesign alternative for desktop publishing and available for Mac and Windows users.  It can be used to create works such as the poster, presentations, and books etc. Affinity Publisher will boast full integration with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. If you own all three apps installed, you’ll be able to edit vector designs and images right there within one app, in a stunning new way. Here we will we highlight some important feature of Affinity Publisher:

New Document

Create a new document in Affinity Publisher by click [action-click]File => New[/action-click] in the toolbar. It will give you different presets to work on from Print, Web, Photo, and Devices and different option with include Page Preset, Margin and the most important is Facing Page. Facing Page allows you to create the two-page layout either horizontal or vertical. Affinity Publisher New Document You can change Document and spread setup later after creating a new document

Master pages and Pages

After creating your new document, You will see Pages Panel and you can add Pages as you like. You can either create Single or Facing Page. The master page is an important aspect of Affinity Publisher. You can consider Master Page as a template. If you apply Master Page to Pages then Pages will inherit all the property/look of Master Page. We can create multiple master page. Affinity Publisher Master Page

Typography Control and styling

Affinity Publisher software provides you fine control over Typography. You can update styling one Text Style Pannel. It gives you the ability to do Linked text frames which means you can link overflow text. Affinity Publisher Linked text frames Baseline Grid option in affinity designer adds some cheery to the text styling. Affinity Publisher Baseline Grid Text Wrap allows us to wrap text around the transparent image. Affinity Publisher Text Wrapping Grab pen tool in Affinity Publisher and draw some line and then with text tool write on the path. Affinity Publisher Text On Path

Add Page number to Pages

Now with Affinity Publisher, inserting page number in easy. Go to Master Page, Select and highlight with the Text tool and go to the toolbar and click [action-click]text =>insert =>page number[/action-click]. Change in Master Page will affect all the Pages.

Table of Content

Writing Table of content is often tedious work but with Affinity Publisher, it is not as difficult as you think. One of the option You will see in [action-click]Text => Table Of Contents => Insert Table of Contents[/action-click] and from there you can pick up the option for making a table of content and adjust the setting. Affinity Publisher Table Of Content


Affinity Publisher provides Assets to use while working on Project. These range from Icons, Controls, Glyphs and more. Affinity Publisher Assets

Image and Frame tool

Image talks more than words. You can now link the image to a Document. An image is an important part of describing important things. Affinity Publisher provides us a handful tool for images. Place Image tool and Picture Frame tool can be used to image placements. Affinity Publisher Placing Image


A table of information is a set of facts arranged in rows and columns. We can create Table in Affinity Publisher of different rows and column with easy to change the look, color styling of the table. Draw the table using Table text tool. Affinity Publisher Table

Tips and Tricks

  • Snapping Guides are helpful for when you are trying to match border of one object with another. If you don't see can Pannel/Tabs, You can go to [action-click]view => studio[/action-click] and select the Panel/Tabs you don't see. Moreover, you can click reset to reset all the Panel position.
  • [action-click]Document => Resource Manager[/action-click]. Here you can see whether the image is currently embedded or linked. You can change from embedded to linked; this will help to decrease the file size, and if you change the image in that folder it will automatically update the image in the file.
  • Appling Guides one Master Page will appear on the Document Page if Master Page is applied. To apply Guides, you can go to [action-click]view => show ruler[/action-click]