Google Adwords Keywords Planner tool: Basics terms

Taimoor Sattar
Google Keywords Planner (AdWords) is a tool to get a basic insight of traffic status of specific and related keywords. We will discuss few terms used in keywords planner: Keywords, Avg monthly search, Competition, Top of the page bid (high range), Top of the page bid (low range), Organic average position.
  • Keywords: Keywords stand for the term which you have a query or search for on search engine.
  • Avg monthly search: Average monthly search stand for the people searching the specific keywords in a month on the search engine.
  • Competition: Competition stands for the struggle to get to the top of the page. It has 3 levels: high, medium, low.
  • CPC - Top of the page bid (high range): It stands for the maximum price you want to pay if it appears in the top search page.
  • CPC - Top of the page bid (low range): It stands for the minimum price you want to pay if it appears in the bottom search page.
  • Organic average position: Organic average position is the position of the link in the search engine when the user searches for the term/keywords.
CPC is defined as cost per click. You can use google keywords planner to look for the average amount of people searching the keywords. Based on these analyses you can decide which keywords to target to track your visitors.

Where to find google keyword Planner?

Google keyword planner is a free tool provided by Google. Google keyword planner is a part of Google Adwords. T0 access google keyword planner, Sign up to Google Adwords. After you reach to google keywords planner dashboard, then under Tools => Planning => Keyword Planner.

Where can google keyword planner useful?

Keywords planner can be useful in both SEO(Search engine optimization) and SEM(Search engine marketing). In short word, SEO is an organic and free way of getting traffic and SEM is paid way to get traffic. In SEO, You want your blog or web page to be at the top of the search query. But what if you are targeting the keyword that is not search by people and your traffic to your webpage will not come. In SEM, keywords click cost money. Target the keywords which have the least amount of cost and a large amount of traffic.

Google Keyword Planner feature

If you want to write a blog that people are not interested or searching then you may be wasting your time. Google keyword planner is an excellent tool to search for keyword relevance. You can search for the keywords related to location to the different country and language.