How to start a blog with WordPress

Taimoor Sattar
Here we will discuss how you can use WordPress as a tool for the blog.

Why WordPress?

Wordpress power up most of the website and is used by many web community. There are and

Choose your platform? or provide you self-hosting and WordPress to choose from. is free and open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Cons of using are that you have to manage self-hosting.

Local tools required for Wordpress up running

There are many tools available on the internet which are listed below Lets Wordpress main areas are front end and back end. Front-end area consists of the area where the user sees the post. Backend area of WordPress is where admin of the website can edit or post the blog.

Buy your domain

You can register your domain name from the number of websites. Choose your domain that is unique and that relate with your website description. Here is some recommendation to buy your domain name.

Decide your web hosting

Now that you have choose your domain name and now its time to choose plan for web hosting. If you are deciding your website hosting with cheap pricing and more bandwidth, Namecheap WordPress hosting is a good way to start with its cheap price. Everything is easy to start from there on.

Submit to search webmaster

The blog you are writing can search by people. People prefer to use a search engine to search for the queries.

Submit an XML sitemap to webmaster

Why Sitemaps? When the search engine like Google wants to index and crawl your web page it does not know which page to index. Sitemaps tell the search engine the list of the web page to index. There are the different search engine on the internet but Google is the dominant one, other are and yahoo search engine. To submit your site to google webmaster, visit this URL Google webmaster. Click search console and login with your email id. Once you login to the dashboard of Google webmaster, click the + to add property. It will ask you several options you want to verify your site.
  • Place HTML file on the root of the web page
  • HTML tag - Add a meta tag to your site's home page
  • Google Analytics - Use your Google Analytics account
  • Google Tag Manager - Use your Google Tag Manager account
  • Domain name provider
You can either choose one of the verification methods to submit your site to the webmaster.

Plugin to choose for WordPress

If you are a beginner, you don't know to program in WordPress or you want to same your time building the code for a specific task, then plugin comes handy. Few of the plugin we recommend are
  • Members by Justin Tadlock
  • WP Super Cache
Members Plugin by Justin Tadlock helps you manage user and assign different roles to them. If you want to multiple people to access the WordPress dashboard then you can restrict them by assigning different roles to them. WP Super Cache is a plugin helps in very fast caching.

How links should appear on your webpage

Choose this decision carefully. When you are writing the blog, it appears on your webpage with the URL. Google can index the URL and appear on a search engine. If again you change the URL of the webpage, then all the keywords ranking of that URL will be lost. You can select your display URL by going to Wordpress dashboard and then visit Settings => Permalinks. There you can select multiple options to choose one.

Choose a WordPress theme

Decide either you want to buy the WordPress theme or choose the free theme. Everybody has its own taste and liking. Every Wordpress theme is different. Each theme look and design is different. In general, to edit WordPress you have to look at these things: Appearance => Customize Base on the theme you will see multiple options. But the most common option is:
  • Site Identity
  • Menus
  • Homepage Settings
  • Additional CSS
Site Identity is a section where you can set your Site Title, Tagline, Site Icon. Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps.

Start write your first blog

On the WordPress dashboard, Look for Posts section. Press add new to write your blog.