How to be successful in Remote Interview

Taimoor Sattar
Today technology has made the business a whole lot simpler. There are many tools on the internet for remote communication. Once your application is selected, there might be a chance that the recruiter may follow for an interview. There are glitches that could happen in a remote interview. Here we will discuss some of the points where you can rock your remote interview.

Preparation Makes a Huge Difference

Be prepared for the interview question.
  • Read the Jobs description
  • Company Core Values
  • Ask the recruiter

Read the Jobs description

You should look at the job description of what the company actually wants. List the key skills that the candidate should possess.

Company website

Study about the company product and watch how you can blend with it. (mission, product, news, values)

Ask the recruiter

Connecting with the interviewer can make a huge difference. Ask the recruiter, the topic he/she would be interested to ask in the interview and what coding environment they would prefer. Ask the recruiter the name and his current role in the company. For better communication with the recruiter, you can what communication medium he.she would prefer whither it would be Skype, or Hangout, etc.

Test Your Setup

Test you set up before the interview call. The recruiter might not ask you to check your setup or voice again but it would annoy the recruiter. You should definitely check below mention things while testing your setup.
  • Use Quite a Location
  • Use Headphone (comfortable)
  • Microphone pointing at your face

Check the video

Sometime the recruiter may ask you to make a video chat with him. You should make sure that your video setup is working well. While in a video conference you should look that you are good at the below points.
  • Make eye contact (eyepoint to camera)
  • Desk light point to face
  • If eyeglasses, tile to slide down, avoid sitting in front of the shining window

Timing is important

Be present 5 to 10 min before the interview started. Late attending of the conference will lead to a bad impression on the recruiter. Make sure you
  • take a bathroom
  • get water
  • Take paper and pen for note-taking
  • charger cell phone id required

Solving Coding Problem

You may be asked by the recruiter to solve a particular problem. Don't go for an effection solution at first. Write a small testable function. Ask interviewer, if you need a break